Adoption Counselling for Prospective Adopters

I am a highly innovative and creative therapist, supervisor and trainer. I gained my experience in adoption through my work as a senior manager, training manager, counsellor and project manager at Post-Adoption Centre (PAC)

In addition I have provided therapeutic support to all parties to adoption in my private practice and am a founder member and Associate of ASART (Adoption Support Agency of Registered Therapists) I am able to draw on a wide range of counselling and therapy approaches, and a great deal of experience and expertise, when I work with you.

The world of adoption can be a mystifying one for prospective adopters. What seemed to be a reasonably simple decision to have a child or children through adoption may now seem much more complicated. You may have started the assessment process and been asked to see a therapist to:

  • Work through childhood issues as they relate to the prospective adoption
  • Work through infertility and loss issues
  • Work through grief and loss issues
  • Really work through whether adoption is for you: its impact on your current relationship and lifestyle; the support networks available to you; and what it means to become an adoptive parent, perhaps of a traumatised child.

I will work with you on a 1:1 basis, long or short term, usually in weekly or bi-weekly sessions. I work with couples in the same way.

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