About Me

All adoption counsellors have to be registered, through Ofsted www.ofsted.gov.uk, with an Adoption Support Agency (ASA). I am an Associate of ASART (Adoption Support Agency of Registered Therapists) www.adoptioncounselling.com. This means that, in addition to being a qualified therapist with UKCP www.psychotherapy.org.uk, I have specialised training in pre and post adoption issues. I gained this training from Post-Adoption Centre (PAC) www.postadoptioncentre.org.uk where I obtained an ACE (Adoption Counselling Expertise) Diploma. I have also trained in Theraplay and MIMS (www.theraplay.org) and Attachment Communication Therapy (ACT). I am, therefore, able to draw on a wide range of counselling and therapy approaches when I work with you.

Adoption Expertise

  • Ofsted Registered Adoption Support Agency Associate Therapist (ASART) – founder member
  • Providing therapeutic support in private practice to all parties to adoption: adults; prospective adopters and adoptive parents
  • Co-worker, Esther Ina-Egbe, Attachment Based Child and Family Intensive work; Assessments; Reports (including court); Network Meetings
  • Post-adoption Centre outreach surgery counsellor
  • Parent Adviser, Enhancing Adoptive Parenting, a 10 session programme for parents with recently placed children. A study in conjunction with Alan Rushton, Helen Upright and PAC
  • Trainer – freelance
  • Supervisor
  • Writer – Guest Editor of The Psychotherapist, the Journal of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, Issue 44, Spring 2010 - The Adoption Issue
  • Parent Adviser – Enhancing Adoptive Parenting research project - a 10 session parent training programme to support adoptive parents
  • Project Manager x 3 – Supporting Black and Minority Ethnic Adopted Children: attachment and race

Qualifications, Memberships and Positions in the Therapeutic Community

  • MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Social Studies (London Metropolitan University)
  • M.Phil. in Education and Psychology (Massey University)
  • Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Social Studies (Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies (IPSS)
  • Adoption Counselling Expertise Diploma
  • Introductory Theraplay and MIMS training
  • Attachment Communication Therapy training
  • Chair of Training, Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies (MA training in partnership with LMU; Diploma Training)
  • Chair, Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies
  • Member – UKCP
  • Member – College of Psychoanalysts – UK

Featured in

  • 'Some Leaders are Born Women!' by Joan Eleanor Gustafson, 2003
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